21  August  Posted by Arc Cine

Aloe Designs & World Reclaimed

Aloe Designs is a full-service landscape design group with a modern take on garden making.

We were tasked with creating a short branded film for their website that expressed their values and showcased their recent projects, as well as an Instagram version for social media.

We then proposed a video for their home page that is auto-playing, silent, looping, and cropped to fit the aesthetics of their site.



Aloe testimonial:
“We had been wanting to document our work for a long time now, in a way where people can really experience the spaces we design- namely a short video. So when our good friend Corbie aka Arc Cine showed us the amazingness of what he produces we hired him on the spot. He helped us document in a poetic 3 minute video what we do, and how we do it. His eye for capturing our style, our philosophy and why we love what we do, is a talent not many have. Thank you Mr Corbie Fieldwalker for your incredible passion and creative professional talent.”

World Reclaimed
We’ve always felt a little caught between worlds. We love clean, modern design, but we’re drawn to old furniture and rustic goods. We love the simple austerity of the old days along with the joy of the new. We’re city folks with country hearts.

Maybe that’s why, despite our busy modern lives, we’ve always been passionate about working with our hands. Whether with wood, earth, or fabric, we love the act of turning raw materials into something beautiful and useful. We share that love through World Reclaimed: modern home and garden goods made in hand. No two pieces are ever the same, and it’s the imperfect nature of these handmade goods that makes them, well, good!