20  July  Posted by Arc Cine

Lions Bay | Residential

Rol Fieldwalker Architect | 2012

The site for this residence is the same site as the Meredith Residence which was designed by RFA 30 years ago. The original residence was left uncared for and required removal. The site is classic West Coast, situated on a forested hillside with rock outcroppings and with views over Howe Sound. The existing foundation location was the starting point for the new residence; retaining a portion of the foundation for the outer wall of the new pool.

The building form followed the profile and curvature of the site, as with the previous project, providing views from every room, and staying close to the contours of the hillside.The branching pattern of the cedar trees on the site was the pattern image used as a generative concept for the disposition of the roof structure: overlapping, branching, stepping, sheltering. The planning module was 16” two ways, in blocks of space arranged around the curve of the hillside.

The challenge of Lions Bay is showing the home’s relationship to the site, due to the steep slope and the shape of the house itself. The decision to show the panoramic views as much as the structure allowed for a more emotional expression of the architecture and helped to put the home in regional context.